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When making your purchase, you have the option to pay online with a credit card or to be invoiced.  If you have any questions, please contact us at the number below.
Advertising agencies: Please note that these prices are Net.

There is no cost at this time for searching resumes or for posting a resume.

There is a cost for posting a job opening.

  Time                 Standard Price                Premium Price*

30 Days                       $200                            $300

60 Days                       $250                            $350

90 Days                       $300                            $400

120 Days                     $350                            $450

One Year

Unlimited Postings        $2500                          $3200

                                                                     *Takes your listing to the top.


Banner Ads           

The use of a banner ad on this site will enhance your responses.  For a small fee, you can make your company name prominent and create a link to your site.

6 months                  $ 500

1 year                       $ 900

3 years                    $ 1900


To order a Banner Ad, contact Cindy 561-712-1277 extension 5# 

or via email at




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 call Bruce at 561-827-2694
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