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Lee B. Salz, President of Sales Architects, is a sales management guru who specializes in helping companies hire the right sales people, on-board them, and focus their sales behaviors. For 20 years, Lee has built high-performance, sales organizations that sold to consumers, corporations and the government sector; for companies ranging from the Fortune 1000 to small firms.

Experienced in both start-up ventures and turnaround situations, Lee works with clients to build high-performance sales organizations, using his sales architecture methodology to ensure companies thrive! He has been successful in differentiating seemingly commoditized products and services - in both complex and transactional sales - resulting in record revenues and profits.

Lee is a dynamic keynote speaker and a results-driven, business consultant specializing in:

     Formulating sales talent screening programs so companies hire the right sales people


     On-boarding sales people through the Revenue Accelerator Program (RAP™) to provide structure and measurement for new hires

     Developing compensation programs using the Sales Behavior Objective (SBO™) methodology providing focus for sales activity


     Constructing a company's sales architecture framework for replicable, scalable results

In Lee's
widely-acclaimed book Soar Despite Your Dodo Sales Manager” (WBusiness Books, 2007), he presents his sales architecture methodology to the world. Inspired by a disturbing trend in business, the chasm between sales people and their sales managers, he saw the power in bridging the gap. He recognized that businesses were losing millions in unrecognized revenue from underperformance due to this gap. Salz consults with companies to bridge the gap by implementing the sales architecture methodology opening the door to explosive growth.

"The Sales Marriage" (Sales Gravy Press), Lee's second book, due to be released in February 2009, teaches companies how to hire the right sales people. Business executives go on a quest to hire great sales people - not necessarily the right ones for their organization. Salz presents the concept of a sales marriage, which is the relationship between a sales person and an employer based on a synergistic match of needs, wants, and desires. Lee works with companies to help them implement the sales marriage philosophy resulting in skyrocketing revenue and reduced turnover in their sales organization.

In addition to Lee's two books, he is spreading his message as a print columnist with SalesforceXP Magazine, an online columnist for Sales and Marketing Management Magazine, and as the Internet radio host of Secrets of Business Gurus. His articles have been published on hundreds of websites and print magazines around the world. He's also been quoted in many articles and books including the New York Times, Dallas Morning News, and MSNBC.  


Lee's latest venture, Business Expert Webinars, was inspired by his recognition of the most critical factor affecting a business person's success - their commitment to continuous learning. He launched Business Expert Webinars (BEW) as a means for business professionals to learn from industry experts without leaving their office.  


Lee Salz lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with his wife and three children. He can be reached at, by phone at 763.416.4321, and via his website at 


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