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Press Release February 1, 2008

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Sales Dodo and Employee Continuum to Partner to Help Companies Make Better Sales Hires

Minneapolis, Minn (February 1, 2008) – Sales Dodo and Employee Continuum have partnered to help companies improve their ability to make better hires in their sales organization. Their first venture together will be an ERE (Hwww.ERE.netH) webinar on March 26th titled "Why Can't I HIRE the RIGHT Salespeople?" Lee Salz, President of Sales Dodo, said, "The ability for a company to be successful generating sales starts with making the right hires for the sales organization.  Unfortunately, many companies confuse right with great. A great sales person for one company is a flop in another. The first step in identifying the right sales person is to identify the environment of the sales organization. Employee Continuum's Sales Talent Profiler (Hwww.salestalentprofiler.comH) does just that in a webbase assessment."

Orrin Broberg, President of Employee Continuum, said, "Lee's expertise in helping companies to formulate their sales talent screening program is a natural fit for our sales assessment system, Overture. He has been very successful in helping companies identify the right sales talent resulting in increased productivity and reduced turnover and can provide additional sales expertise to our solution."

About Sales Dodo:

Founded in 2000, Sales Dodo is a Minneapolisbased business consulting firm specializing in helping companies adapt & thrive in the everchanging world of business. The firm offers consulting services, skill training, and keynote speaking with the goal of helping to improve the performance of sales organizations. They have an expertise in helping companies find the right sales talent for their company. Their website is HSalesDodo.comH.

Lee Salz is the President of Sales Dodo and the author of the widely acclaimed book "Soar Despite Your Dodo Sales Manager" (published by WBusiness Books). His articles are published on hundreds of websites and he is an online columnist for Sales & Marketing Management Magazine. Lee is presently working on a second book titled the "Sales Marriage" which is designed to help employers make better hires for their sales organization. To contact Lee Salz for interviews or seminars, send email to Hlsalz@salesdodo.comH or call 763.416.4321.

About Employee Continuum:

Based in Minneapolis, privately held Employee Continuum (formerly eContinuum) revolutionizes the sales hiring process, enabling companies to gain highly qualified, quality sales candidates, faster. Employee Continuum’s awardwinning products include Overture, an ondemand software solution that uses job simulations to test skills in context and provides dashboardstyle reports to rank candidates, and comprehensive job branding services that realistically portray a hiring company and job opening within the application process. Overture was the recipient of Human Resource Executive magazine’s Top HR Product of the Year award for 2007.

Employee Continuum’s clients include market leaders in technology, health and wellness, retail and media and entertainment. More information can be accessed at Hwww.employeecontinuum.comH.

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