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Post a Job Anonymously

By request from several Employers we have created this Employer Anonymity method so there will be no reference to your company in the job posting.  Furthermore, all the resumes from responding applicants will come through us and we will review them for applicability before we pass them on to you (this process also protects the applicant when they are not interested in forwarding their resume to certain companies).  And, you will also receive any applicants that have contacted us outside of who are looking for a good position but do not choose to use the website.


We charge a fee for this, but it is still far less than you would pay a recruiter and we get paid only if you make a hire.


Note:  We do not actively recruit applicants from another screening company.


If you prefer this method, contact Cindy Sullivan at 561-712-1277 ext 5 and she will discuss fees and terms.


If you would prefer to post your job opening on the website yourself and include your company name and contact information then go to the link “Post a New Job” and follow the instructions.


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